Strip and sheet

Wieland SA slits strip and foil in South Africa to DIN standards. We are able to offer you strip and sheet in copper and copper alloys in the usual harnesses. Special surface finishes as well as surface protection is available on request.

We also have a continuous gauge control during slitting.

Please see bellow links to product specifications regarding M30 and K32.

Wieland – M30

Wiealnd K32

Type and available thicknesses

Type Thickness
Copper Strip in coil 0.2m - 3.2m
Brass strip in coil 0.2mm - 3.2mm
Copper foil 0.05mm - 0.1mm
Brass foil 0.11mm - 0.13mm
Brass sheets 0.5mm - 4.5mm
Gilding sheets 1.2mm - 3.0mm
Copper Sheet 0.7mm - 2mm
Aluminium alloy 1145-0 0.406mm only

Weight per length calculator