Product that we offer.

Strip & Sheet

The main applications of rolled products are lead frames for semiconductor components, connectors for telecommunication equipment and vehicle electrics, high-frequency cables, underwater cables and transformers. Rolled products are also frequently used to make decorative metal products, cutlery and musical instruments.


  • Wieland K32 : Copper (99.9 % Cu)
  • Wieland M30 : Brass (Cu 70% Zn 30 %)

Finned Tubes & Plain Tubes

The main applications for high- and low-finned tubes in the heating industry are condensing boilers, flue gas condensers, timber dryers and air heaters.

In the refrigeration and air-conditioning industry the main applications for our tubes are oil coolers, air coolers, gas coolers and process coolers.

  • GEWA-K are monometal low-finned tubes
  • GEWA-HB are high-finned bimetal tubes