Who we are

Wieland SA (Pty) Ltd is located in Edenvale – close to Johannesburg –South Africa. The company was founded in 1974 by Mr Jan van der Vyver & Dr Wolfgang Eychmüller.

We are a distributor and manufacturer of semi-finished products specializing in copper and copper-based alloys, and more recently also in other metals e.g. aluminium.

We manufacture our products according to international
standards (DIN & BS). In addition, we are ISO 9001 : 2015 Certified.

Wieland SA (Pty) Ltd has two production facilities :

-A Slitting Center

-High Performance Finned Tubing production facility

We are an approved slitting center for the largest producer of aluminium in South Africa.

Our main customer base in strip and foil consists of the
electrical and radiator and solar industries respectively. Regarding High Performance Tubes, WSA supplies the Petrochemical ; Marine ; Wood drying ; Power ; Automotive and Mining Industries for various applications.


Wieland SA (Pty) Ltd believes in long-term partnerships with both our customers and suppliers. We apply sound economic principles for the prosperity of all parties concerned by supplying high-quality and affordable products.

We have adopted the practice of economic use of capital resources combined with staff resources to ...


Personnel policy

At Wieland SA (Pty) Ltd, we

value every employee appointment as a long-term commitment for both parties. We also regard the diverse composition of the South African population as an opportunity to utilise the strengths and talents of all our people in order to ensure their successful future.

The History of Wieland SA

Wieland SA (Pty) Ltd was established in South Africa in 1974 . Wieland has specialised in the production of copper and its alloys for more than 175 years.

Since 1974, Wieland SA (Pty) Ltd has had a proven track record as a supplier of quality products and as a reliable business partner to all our customers.

We supply our products and materials to all regions of South Africa and to a number of international markets.